Rana Gorgani

Rana Gorgani transmits the cultural heritage of the Persian world through dance. Graduated of the Conservatoire in Paris, formed in acting and directing, she taught Dramatic Arts and performed on stage at the theater before turning to traditional Persian dances, and in particular those of Iran and Afghanistan.

Passionate these cultures for most conveyed by oral transmission, she collects for many years a lot of information about dances, traditional outfits, rites and customs of different populations.


Her travels in different regions of Iran her research in collaboration with ethnologists and sociologists, as well as the development of the dance with the greatest masters, make her a valuable depositary of a precious knowledge.


Through her demanding artistic work, in perpetual exploration and research, Rana Gorgani creates and performs choreographic works combining authenticity and creativity, and transmit the heritage of traditions danced by presenting performances, lectures and workshops at festivals and prestigious venues, as in cultural and humanitarian associations and schools in France and worldwide.


She founded her company in 2009 "l'Oeil Persan" (The Persian Eye), offering different art forms theater where mingle, dance, poetry, pictures and music. Today, her expertise and experience are recognized within the International Dance Council of UNESCO, which she is active and delegated Member. She is currently pursuing research and analysis of Persian dance world as part of her master's degree in ethnomusicology and anthropology of dance at the University of Clermont-Ferrand.