Dance Conference

Discover Iran through Dance


Dance Conference : Discover Iran through dance

 What is this? 


From the shores of the Caspian Sea to the edge of the Persian Gulf, Rana Gorgani invites you to discover Iran with its traditional dances; living testimony of the richness and the diversity of this country.


With photographic projections representing the universe of each dance, you will understand that each varies according to the geographical, climate, culinary, cultural, political and social context. 

Demonstrations danced with music with traditional outfits illustrate the content of each presentation. Discover the constant interaction of Persian Art between poetry, music, dance and belief.


Discern the universal and historical side of Persian dances by the symbolic gestures, the stylized expression of the feelings of its great poets, or simply through the danced language relating to the daily life of nomadic people. 


After Mongolia, Iran has the distinction of having the largest quantity of tribes and nomad people on a single territory. Each one has its own origins, language, dances and traditions. Each dance tells the story of every tribe in the symbol of each gesture, showing an integral part of everyday life. 


‘‘Persian dance is an Art in itself and has its codes, 

its own language, its own technique.’’ - Rana Gorgani 

Like many traditions, Persian dance is communicated through oral transmission. The presentation of rituals, traditional outfits, accessories, instruments and paintings tell you about the refinement of Persian art. 




This conference can be followed by Persian dance workshops and courses and also complete witha selling exhibition of Persian art. 

(jewelerey, traditional clothes, carpets, embroideries, paintings...) 


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